Long Distance Healing

Long distance treatments are available for anyone, anywhere.

By Russell Webb

Thanks for inquiring about my long distance healing sessions. Here are my simple instructions for preparing for a long distance session.

Please find a comfortable place to rest. A peaceful setting is important. You can visualize this treatment center if it helps. You are asked to cover yourself with a white sheet or blanket. Treatment begins at the agreed time, any time that is suitable for you will work. Take pause and understand time is not linear, time can expand or it can be condensed in remote healings. Remote healings are operating at faster frequencies. Healings will unfold at precise time you are ready. Shakti Healing is well suited to prepare the individual for the exciting global changes ahead.

The main intention for any session is to bring in more light, and this includes clearing out any heavy energies or cobwebs that are in your energy fields. We’re cleaning house now… so more light may enter.